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the "ALL IN ONE" solution for dslr

Our universal design allows to use almost any camera in the market, from 5v to 12v

You can use Pandora even if you don´t want to power your devices, you can still use the audio separately, or only the stabilization generated by the form factor or any accessories.
With a simple adapter you can swap camera model in just a few seconds and keep the audio improvements and the stability. Never worry about different battery chargers. With Pandora you can use any charger from a USB or a DC input.

The improvement on your audio quality is a must have for any professional.

Remove the noise floor generated by the camera by using Pandora´s pre-amplifier. Using the best quality in the market to increase the signal of your microphones and sending it to your camera.
Control the audio gain on each channel individually, create a backup track and use professional audio features such as an audio Pad, or Automatic Gain Control.
Also you have an internal microphone for those days when you don´t need a professional boom.

Increase the battery duration by 10 times.

Never run out of battery in the middle of a shootout.
Use the internal battery of Pandora to run your camera and any other accessories you´d like, just with a simple DC Cable.
The rechargables/removable batteries allow to keep a back up pack on your backpack in case your days are endless.
With 5 outputs, 2 USB ports, and 3 DC from 7.4v and 12v, you can plug and use almost any electronic device with that power requirements.

No more jello effect on your professional videos. Faster post production VFX thanks to the stabilized footage.

Remove the microvibrations but keep the hand-held camera motion. No need to use big rigs or heavy stabilizers just to keep your footage out of the woobling. Don´t carry a big monopod all day long just to get a few seconds of stabilized footage
Pandora grips to your chest with a special rubber that will make the weight much lighter and give sniper stability.
Also you can add accessories like a shoulder mount or handles to get the perfect rig. All our accessories are designed with one thing in mind: Quick Set-Up. In a few seconds you can go from a shoulder rig to the sniper mode.

Our unique design allows you to extend the features of Pandora without changing the main body. Save money and get faster upgrades.

Using internal PCI Express modules, you can insert interchangable boards to get new features on Pandora, customize your gear the best way you need it and keep all handy. Using the modules is as simple as plug and play, this will allow special upgrades on your Pandora that can be designed only for you.
Our main board is conected to the PCIe Modules, so we can controll all the information on Pandora from new modules, and we can add new features to control different devices in the future.
From an SD audio recorder, to a wireless transmission on bluetooth controller for other devices. Sky is the limit.

What people say?

One of the most innovative products present at the Nab Show 2016!

Visitor. at the nab booth

What people say?

This will replace all my expencive gear for a fraction of the cost!

Visitor at the NAB Booth.

What people say?

It is not heavy, but it is not light neither, just the perfect weight!

Visitor at the NAB Booth.

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